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Islam’s Attack On Free Speech Through The UN – Part 3

TrojanHorseWe are looking at Islam using the United Nations to take away our freedom of speech. When we lose our freedom of speech, we loose our ability to criticize and to speak out against our government and its leaders. This freedom is essential to a free society.

Europe, and to a large degree Canada have moved toward socialism since WWII. I am against socialism because it makes  people subservient to the government. Socialism and Islam make very good bedfellows because both ideologies make people subservient to those who will rule them. This is why America has resisted socialized medicine. If they control your health,  they control your life.

It Is Already Affecting America

At Fortress of Faith we often talk about how any mention of Islam has been purged from the documents and training material used to train people to deal with terrorism. This is a direct result of this conference.

There are counter terrorism trainers who were well rated with the government who are no longer being used because they mentioned Islam in conjunction with terrorism. How can you deal with a problem if you don’t know its source.

Now they are teaching to deal with the actions of the terrorists and de-link it from the underlying ideology that motivates it. This is not only a faulty idea, it is a dangerous idea because it is very hard to come up with a strategy to counter or attack terrorism in its early stages if you stay in the dark about the motivation behind it.

Deborah Weiss is a 9/11 surviver and I asked here how she felt about what is going in in light of her experience. She said that she is not very emotional about it, but it has motivated her to dedicate her life to getting the truth out before it is too late to correct the situation. She said that what is stake here is freedom, itself, and the American way of life.

Right now we are the only country on earth that still has true freedom of speech. All of the European countries have European hate speech laws which serve as proxies for the blasphemy laws. The laws may be called hate speech laws or they may be called denigration of religion laws or something else, but they all proved punishment for insulting Islam. The punishments are not as severe as they are in the OIC (Muslim) countries, and in many cases the punishments are civil penalties like fines instead of imprisonment, but the laws are there. Canada is supposedly a free country and has a constitution that says it affords it citizens free speech, but if anyone says anything against Islam and a Muslim files a complaint, they will be fined.

Hate Speech Laws Are Dangerous

This resolution is just one of the many ways the rights of American citizens are being destroyed. We need to wake up before it is too late. The minute anyone tries to pass a hate speech law your ears should perk up. We cannot allow these kinds of laws to be passed. The text of the law will not say that you can’t say anything specifically against Islam. It will be worded in such a way as to hide what they are really doing.

The debate won’t be about Islam, it will be about saying mean things to or about gay people. It will be hidden in very touchy-feely language about how we shouldn’t say mean things to people. As soon as the law passes you will no longer be able to criticize Islamic terrorism, you won’t be able to that is occurring the Middle East and you won’t be able to criticize Islam’s treatment of women.

Hilary Clinton invited this group over here and started the process. There has been another meeting in London where they did more of the same. They not only have these high-level meetings they have a lot of lower level meetings to try to get this resolution into the law of every nation.

In November of last year the held a meeting in Saudi Arabia on how to stop the defamation of Islam. They didn’t even try to hid the fact that it was geared toward Islam by calling it the defamation of religion.

It is getting very dangerous. There was a National Security Memo that used to say that militant Islam was the greatest threat to American in the 21st century. It has now been deleted. It is dangerous to deny that there is any ideological link to what is happening.

There are two very important principles to winning any war. First you must know yourself, and secondly you must know your enemy. You must be able to call your enemy by name, know his goals and intentions, and understand what motivates him. I am afraid that this country has forgotten both of these principles.

Can anyone say Benghazi? In light of what we have learned thus far it is easy to see why Obama had such a hard time admitting that Benghazi was a terrorist attack. We can see that Obama and his administration have bought into this resolution.

Defamation of Religion

In America the only legal protection from defamation is given to people. When protection from defamation is is given to ideas it means that ideas can not be criticized. It means there can only be one opinion expressed.

Our legal system defines defamation as a false statement of fact. Truth is a defense. If you say something bad about someone, no matter how terrible it is, true or a matter of opinion, it is not defamation.

Under the principle of defamation of religion, anything negative said about Islam, even if it is true, is considered defamation. This makes it illegal to disagree with the “party line” set up by the legal system. There can be no freedom of religion under this system.

The OIC is trying to make defamation of a religion a human rights issue. If you pay attention you will see that everywhere that religion gets protection from criticism there are major human rights violations. The fact is that free speech is a human right, not its restriction. Defamation of religion, at its core, is a freedom of speech and a thought controlling measure.

Should We Still Be Concerned?

Now that Hilary Clinton is no longer Secretary of State, do we have anything to worry about? I doubt seriously that supporting all of this was only Hilary’s doing. Regardless of who the players are, it is Obama’s administration. This administration’s policies have not been reversed.

There is a recent offshoot of Resolution 16/18. It is basically the same except for some important changes. In this new resolution it is expressly stated that you cannot associate a religion with terrorist activity. The EU representative that voted for the resolution was critical of this new provision. He said that the EU would support those parts of the resolution that protected minority religious groups, but would not support any aspect that infringes upon the freedom of speech.

Unfortunately our UN Ambassador did not take a principled stand on free speech. She did not point out that America is the only country on earth that has true freedom of speech. She was completely silent on the issue.

It is important that you don’t listen to this and then do nothing. We need to educate or families, our friends, our pastors, etc. if we want to keep our freedoms.

It is sad that many pastors are getting involved with the interfaith movement. This movement is whitewashing what is going on. It is also creeping into our schools. Since the media is not telling us the truth, we must educate all those around us.

Before I close today I want to look at what is happening in Minnesota. This state has elected a Muslim congressman. This is not the worst of what is happening there. Apparently 30 people have been recruited from one particular mosque, Al-Farouk Family Center, to join ISIS and fight in the name of Allah.

The danger of this is that because they are American citizens they can return to America on their American passport and we can’t stop them.

We will keep an eye on this and keep you informed.

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