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European Crisis over Migrants

I am making this next post a separate article because I don’t want to detract from the previous article on the Jonson Amendment. If you want to hear the audio, it is in the previous post’s audio player. It starts an about 8 minutes into the broadcast.

I want us to look at the immigration issue in Europe. I will be short because I have already dealt with this on multiple occasions. Two years ago we had about 2 million refugees poured into Europe through Syria. It was a broken state, passports were being handed out like candy, and immigrants from all over the Middle East and Africa were pouring in through Syria because there was no control over who received passports. Europe foolishly accepted them in spite of the fact that ISIS has infiltrated the refugee population. Some 8-10 Million refugees are still coming into Europe.

There is another story from The Rebel, up in Canada that reports that Hungry and Slovakia have had enough and are suing EU to court over the migrants. The EU is dumping more refugees into their countries than was originally agreed.

Countries like Greece and Italy have been overloaded with refugees from Syria. There are some 3,000 migrants a day pouring into these countries. Greece and Italy can’t handle them so they are trying to push them into other EU countries.

Europe is about to implode because of the globalism that I have been talking about for some time. This is why the British people voted to leave the EU. They wanted control of their borders and of who comes into their country.

We will stay on top of these issues and keep you informed.

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