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In The News 06-09-2017

I have a lot of news items I want to cover today. While America was distracted by the Political Circus in DC over Comey’s testimony, which amounted to a NOTHING BURGER, Important events were happening around the world that you need to be aware of.

UK Election.

The election in the United Kingdom will have an effect on world events for some time to come. The good news is that the Labor party and  Jeremy Corban did not win. In my opinion, if he had won it would have been a disaster. His policies would have been very similar to those of Obama and Trudeau. It would have been very dangerous for the country in this time of Islamic terrorism.

Teresa May’s party had a narrow win and received th most votes, it did not get a majority. They have a hung Parliament and will have to make some kind of coalition in order to govern. If that does not happen, I don’t know how things will go. At any rate, it is a big mess. I think the  political career for Theresa May is about to come to an end. What makes this so bad is she didn’t have to have this election. She called for a snap election hoping to buy herself another four years in power, which was a foolish move on her part.

The Labor Party’s shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbot, stepped down for “Ill Health.” In a number of interviews during this election it was revealed that she didn’t have a clue about national security. It was a real embarrassment. It was obvious that she was causing a lot of trouble for the Labor Party. Just 24 hours before the election, Jeremy Corban announces that she was going to step aside for a period of ill health. She will be replaced by Lyn Brown.

London’s Muslim Mayor Roasted

One of the  problems they have in the UK is, the Mayor of London is a Muslim. He was roasted on a British Morning Show by Piers Morgan. Here is the video:

How foolish is it for the Mayor to say that they have never been more safe in London. They just had an attack, and he makes this kind of statement.

About a year ago he said,

Living in the big city like London, you know, terrorism is just part of of life in a big city.

Piers Morgan and the lady in the video make a great point. The government comes down harder on hooligans who cause trouble at soccer (football in England) games than the do on Islamic terrorists who went over and fought for ISIS and have returned home. They don’t even know where these people are, and there are to restrictions put on them.

I think Piers Morgan’s criticism should go to all of the government in the UK. Why have they not imprisoned, or at least put surveillance on these people who have actually fought with ISIS?

Ezra Levant a victim of Lawfare in Canada

Again, while we were being distracted by the “nothing burger,” another important event happened in Canada. The Canadian Supreme Court chose not to hear Ezra Levant’s libel appeal. Ezra Levant has been the whipping-post for speaking out against Islam in Canada. He is the one who published the Danish cartoons a few years ago, and told the story that no one else would tell.

The thing you need to know about the Danish cartoon story is, the pictures that offended Muslims were not in the Danish newspaper. Muslims made up the offensive pictures to rile up their followers.

Ezra Levant was the only one that told the truth, and he was sued by the Human Rights Commission for doing so. He narrowly won this, but later he was sued by a Muslim for defamation. The court found Ezra guilty and said he was to pay the Muslim $80.000. Ezra appealed the decision all the way to the Supreme Court, and it chose not even to hear the case.

The goal of those who oppose Esra Levant is to bankrupt him. They want to shut him down for telling the truth. This is what we call lawfare. It is using the law as warfare to defeat an enemy. Their goal is not to win in court, it is to make it so expensive for the person that he cannot continue to speak the truth.

M103 Announcement.

This brings me to the M103 motion in Canada. This is an effort to make in illegal to say anything negative about Islam.

On June 29th we are going to have an online discussion, a webinar, discussing this issue. It will be at 7:00PM Pacific time. You will be able to join the discussion from your computer. We expect of have at least 300 on the webinar. There could be as many as 500, which is the limit we can have. If you want to join us, you must register. We will have everything set up on Monday our Tuesday of next week so you can register. It will be very simple. There will be a link on our website where you sign in and enter your information. We will send you the link for the webinar. With this link, you can join us at 7:00PM,

We will have a number of speakers who will answer the questions, what is Motion M103, and why is it so important to stop it from becoming law. It is also called the Islamophobia Bill. Muslims want to make it a criminal offense to speak out against Islam. It is a Muslim who has brought this motion forward with the purpose of giving Islam special protection and making it illegal to criticize Islam.

Share this with others so we can get the word out and stop this from becoming law. This is a Canadian issue so we want to ensure that our Canadian listers have priority in joining the webinar. It will also be open to non-Canadians as well because it is also of interest to us in America.

The people in Canada are not aware of this, it is bing slipped by silently. We, at Fortress of Faith are trying to draw attention to it. We need your help spreading the news.

Charlotte NC passes a resolution to recognize Ramadan.

Here is the resolution that was passed in Charlotte North Caroline to recognize Ramadan

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