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London, England In the early hours of Monday morning as Muslim worshipers were pouring out of a London mosque during Ramadan, a motorist aimed his vehicle at the pedestrians.

Another vehicular attack in London, this time the target was Muslims. Given the repeated attacks of Muslims using vehicles to target Non-Muslims, this revenge attack could be expected and perhaps some think it was justified.

Fortress of Faith condemns not only terrorism committed by Muslims, but also vigilante revenge attacks. We call upon all to look to legal solutions, not use criminal solutions. Furthermore, these revenge attacks give the propagandist and Muslims justification to call for laws to give Muslims a protected status which makes the West Shariah compliant.

Islamic terrorist attacks reveal the nature of Islam. Vigilante revenge attacks reveal the government is failing in two areas:

The first is that we feel unsafe. Western government continues to sell us the line that this is not the result of Islam. The London Muslim mayor tells us that this is the consequence of living in a big city. In a sense, ‘Get used to it.’ They keep telling us that this is not the real Islam, but we are not buying it. It does not pass the sniff test, and many are frustrated with the same old empty rhetoric and gestures to fix this problem, but the problem continues to grow. How many more of us needs to die before they admit their solutions are failing?

The second area where Western governments are failing us is that adequate justice is not being served. Instead of treating these Jihadis as enemy combatants, we treat them as criminals and they turn our justice system as a platform to preach their devilish doctrines.

Again, we strongly condemn revenge attacks, but we are not surprised. We do not believe it is justified but we can sympathize with those who say it is justified.

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Updated: June 19, 2017 — 8:22 AM
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